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About us...

We are two teachers and designers of different nationalities, united by our passion for languages and cultural exchange.

Together we have created Your Skype School, a contemporary virtual school, designed as an interesting and worthwhile platform for studying another language and able to connect teachers and students regardless of geographic locations. We believe that contemporary studying should be presented in an "easy to digest" format: Sit down one-on-one with a native speaking teacher, enjoy the process, follow and participate, interact and learn.

Nowadays it is no longer necessary to go outside your home to study a language.
Taking advantage of the progress, we chose Skype: a great free program, able to shorten geographical distances and connecting people of the world.
All you gotta do is to download Skype, sit back and start studying with your personal teacher!

We believe that it is essential to consider linguistic necessities of every student, which is why we offer language courses catered to your individual needs.

Just pay attention
during the lesson, there's no more need to write down the rules or buy text-books, our school will provide all necessary materials for every lesson, which you may choose to print out and keep for future reference while updating it with each new lesson, prepared specifically for you. The illustrated bilingual materials supplied by us are specially created to ease the understanding and therefor catalize the process of learning. They are completely free to our students, or can be purchased by everyone who wants to study on their own without participation in our courses.

What do our students say about us...