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Hear new words from a native speaker and listen to sounds and the rythm of a new language and lend us your ears.
We listen to you and your interests and then choose the right texts to read and topics to discuss. You will always have written in front of you what you are listening to.



We make an emphasis on understanding as apposed to memorizing the study materials. Our method is based on thoughtful individual approach. We make you think, use the logic, see the structure and understand before going on ahead.
Knowledge is like a plant that one can grow from a tiny seed to a mighty tree.



Our interactive method suggests lots of practice and there is
no better way than simply having a conversation or translating
your own thoughts into the new language.
We role-play and sing, discuss controversial subjects, and
laugh, have issues and complain, communicate every need,
express desires and thoughts and even interact with native



Sign Up for a free 30 min
introduction lesson


We are visual and believe that contemporary studying should be "easy-to-digest" and simple to understand.
We prepare all visual materials both in your language and in the one you want to learn.
Check out our visual support materials, they are free for our students or you may choose to buy them separately (for only 5 euro) without participating in any of our programs.
We watch everything from a visualization of tense table to fragments from good movies and cartoons.
You will always have an EYE-full with us!


Reading is essential to learn any language. Gotta read!
We prepare interesting texts, which are guaranteed to improve your phonetics as well as vocabulary.
Regardless of your level or age, we will entertain you with our choice of reading and then will make sure that what you read sounds correctly and is understood clearly.
We read anything from your favorite song or fairy-tale to BBC news and scientific articles.
We read aphorisms, idioms, common sayings, jokes and much more.
We like to read and do it out loud!


There is no need anymore to drive somewhere after work and buy expensive materials to have an English lesson - just put on your favorite pair of pants and a T-shirt, relax and concentrate on studying right from home.
All of our students have a free online access to each visually enhanced study-material produced by our school to make the process oflearning easier.
So, make your own schedule to study one-on-one with a native speaker, and take advantage of our free picturevocabularies and exlanatory tables to study on your own between classes.
Use your time effectively and enjoy the new and better
way of studying another language.

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